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Current Articles

Small Cues – Major Effect: How an Auditor Training Exercise Revealed a Multi-Generational Fraud

In this issue we bring you part two of this piece concerning a series of bank frauds at the Farmers and Merchants Bank. The frauds took place over the span of 60 years. It is hypothesized that the fraud was able to be carried out for so long because auditors were predictable in their methodology. The authors explore the idea that small changes in procedure may be just the ticket to catch fraudsters.


The Psychological Forensic Expert Witness: Ethical Considerations

Psychologists are often called upon to provide testimony and evidence in judicial matters. In these roles the professional psychologist is either a psychological expert witness or providing their services as a forensic psychologist (American Psychological Association [APA], 2003).


Transnational Terrorism: The Role of Financial Intelligence Examined

Transnational terrorism remains at the forefront of concern on the part of most security agencies throughout the Western World and indeed in many other parts of the world as well, particularly the Middle East, North Africa, Pacific Rim, South and Central Asia.